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Teaching and Learning

GradeMark Presentation

Click here to download the slides from my GradeMark presentation today.

Teaching with technology

On Thursday 10 January 2013 I was invited to give a presentation to The University of Hull History Department on teaching with technology. It was at the Hull History Centre. My presentation included a live demonstration of using Socrative and GradeMark, both of which are online tools. Socrative is a student response system that can be accessed from any internet-enabled device. I have a bunch of iPod Touch’s that I hand out to students, and in this case academics! GradeMark is a part of the Turnitin suite and is used for online marking. You may not know anything about these products so I thought I’d post my Keynote slides to give you an overview of what they do. There’s more information on GradeMark because I actually used Socrative during the presentation, rather than just talking about it. One of the things that frustrates me about teaching and learning conferences is that everyone talks about new ways of teaching, and yet at those conferences you just sit passively in large lecture halls! So, I thought I’d practice what I preach. Anyway, I hope the slides are of some use. I tend not to put much on my slides and so talk around them. Read More...