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1998 - motion tracking with radio frequencies

So, an idea I had 15 years ago finally comes to market.

In 1998 I developed an idea to track team sport players using radio frequencies and triangulation. I worked the idea into an abstract with John Chidgey, an academic in the physics department at Central Queensland University where I was doing my Ph.D.. We submitted the abstract to the 1998 Manufesto Conference in Melbourne (sponsored by CSIRO) (download here - document was created on 3 July 1998). As so often happens with these ideas of mine, I seemingly couldn’t get others interested in the project and it never came to fruition. I guess the workload of my studies at the time also took its toll on my ability to pursue the project. As you can read in the abstract we hoped to have a prototype ready by October 1998. I’m glad the idea has now come to market, although I’m a little sad that I couldn’t do it myself 15 years ago. C'est la vie...

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